Perry A Wilson Pro

Perry A Wilson Pro

, Pro Hockey Coach
Available Time:
  • September: All pro ice times are going to be during the day. As a pro, you are expected to be on the ice 3 times per week
    / 8:00am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.
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Pro Goaltending

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This is where you have made the decision to make a living at this position. It takes commitment like no other.

1 on 1 or 2 on 1 Session

This is minimum 3 times per week. It has to be consistent as the pro does things over and over again. All of the tools are there. Now is the time to refine their game. All of the tools must be mastered at this level. The competition is fierce. Every goalie at this level is very good. The goalie must understand that there are no off days. It is critical to the goalie that most goalies at this level understand that making pro is yet another new beginning.


At this level there is not much room out there, everything happens faster, the players are bigger older and they have many more ways to attack the net. The goalie must learn to be fearless. Getting hit in the head and getting pucks in the not so protected areas are part of the game and as a pro, you must learn to take these shots and keep playing.


As a professional, the game is so much more mental than it is physical.

Box Control

The goalies understand box control and how much net is available to the puck

Coach/Player Realtionship

The relationship between the coach and the goalie has now taken another step. The goalie must trust this coach with their career. There are times when the goalie will not want to work or doesn’t like the work they are asked to do. They must trust the what they are being asked is what is needed for them to move forward to the goal of playing as a pro. There will be times when they are only a backup and they practice day after day but have no opportunity to play.

Pro Goalie Devlopment

With a pro goalie, you only get them for a few months. When they go to their teams they will have one or two goalie coaches. It’s my job to make sure that I am following what the lead coach wants to see. It is a collaborative effort of many people to develop a pro goalie. Very few coaches have the privilege to coach pro goalies. I have all three pro goalies in my area. I will be looking for more as more goalies are going to go pro.

Training Skills

Multiple reads 90%
Tips, screens and deflections 60%
Post entries and exits. 80%
Track downs, playing the rush 70%
Absorbing and finishing pucks 80%

Skill Set

Pro Habits and Expections
How do you know what a pro needs to be successful?
Attention to the small details of what it takes to ensure consistency.
When and how to make sure the goalie is progressing at a pro level?
How can a pro goalie trust the process when working with you?
Be The Best!

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