Perry A Wilson Minor

Perry A Wilson Minor

, Coach

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Available Time:
  • September: Before and after school will be determined as the school schedule allows
    / 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • October: Ice times will be determined by availability of the school schedule. for pre and post class
    / 5:30pm to 10:00 pm
  • November: Ice times will be determined by availability of the student for pre and post ice sessions.
    / 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • December: Ice time will be limited as there will be many tournaments and camps.
    / 6:30 to 10:30pm
  • January: Ice times will be mostly after school and early evening. There will be ice and video options at this time.
    / 7:00 to 10:00 pm
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Minor Hockey

In minor hockey it is imperative that the goalie and the parents of the goalie can see how the development of the goalie involve all parties to be able to understand the plan that is in place to make sure the goalie can compete with his or her peers. This must be done from the bottom up. The foundation of the stance. The execution of excellent skating. I will ensure that that plan will be implemented so that the goalie can move forward into learning how to play the game. We will progress to puck collection with the body and the glove. Rebound control with the stick and pads. Lastly, we will teach your goalie to find the next most dangerous player. These things are done in progression and we will make sure that everyone understands what we are doing and why!


Foundation Work

Foundation work starting from the stance and skating. Learn how to use your edges the right way. There are many facets to goalie skating from C-cuts, T-pushes and slight adjustments. You will learn to do them properly and you will also understand when and why you use them.

Understanding The Game

Understanding how to play the game from the goal line out. Young goalies have so much to learn. It is a position that requires a lot of understanding. They will get all of these tools for their toolbox to be able to progressively move up as the game as you get older, only gets faster. This is the largest time frame to grow your game.

Basic Movement

In Minor hockey, the goal is to give the goaltender the basic movement pattern to allow the goalie to understand how to move about the crease with great efficiency and timing.

Stopping The Puck

After the skating portion of training and development, we will get into the technical details of stopping the puck.

Rebound Control & Puck Collection

Rebound control and puck collection is the next step in their evolution. Trying to keep the puck out of the dangerous areas of the ice is the goal. Using your stick to deflect pucks into the safe areas of the ice. Puck collection is about catching and keeping pucks with your glove and cradling pucks with your body. These are skills that take the time to not only manage but learn to control.

Reading Shot

Reading the release of the shot. This is something that most goalie coaches know nothing about. Players now can change the angle of the shot. However, the release of the shot cannot change. If the goalie learns how to read the release, they will be able to make a better read and be able to make the appropriate save selection.

Read & React

Read and react. At this level, they just are beginning to learn how to read the play and anticipate what is going to happen next. In minor hockey, it is a great time to start to learn how to read and react to the play.

See These Training Skills Improve By As Much As:

Skating skills, getting set for the shot 90%
Being able to find the puck in traffic 60%
Playing the perimeter part of the crease 90%
Low zone and behind the net play. 70%
East west efficiency. Being able to read the play 80%

Skill Set

What would you like to know about this skill set? What makes the most impact?
How can I trust the process?
Why are you the best for my goalie to get the most out of them?
What will make my goalie be able to compete with the other goalies of their age group?
What separates your teachings from everyone else out there?
Be The Best!

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