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Perry A Wilson Elite

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  • Elite training schedule will be on command only.
    / There will be availability from Monday to Friday after school sessions.
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Elite Goalie Training

Elite goalie training to me is AAA peewee and above. These goalies understand that they truly want to get to the next level. What they will learn is that I will take them where they want to get to the next level. The plan is in place for that to happen. The best part of elite training is it will be smaller groups of like minded goalies that only want to move past their peers. I can make that happen. You will have clarity of what’s next in your development. You will learn to trust the process. Consistency, skill, efforts and result based training will be what the goalies will experience. I will show them the pathway to their goals. I will always be able to answer all the questions from the goalies and their parents.


Added Devlopment

This training is more focused and with smaller groups. This level of training is with goalies that are AAA Bantam and higher. These goalies are already excelling in minor hockey but are looking to make the step to Junior hockey. This training requires and level of fitness and understanding of the game. Multiple reads are now an area of major focus. To be able to identify the next most dangerous player. Speed and strength of the goalie are now added to the development picture. Mobility is needed at this level and to add the mental skills training is needed now as well. It is the goalie coaches responsibility to get the goalie to understand the need for this added development.

Post Integrations, Entries & Exits

Post integrations, entries and exits are now needed to be perfected. Many goalies do not spend the time to understand that the game is being tested much more from below the goal line. Being able to attack these areas are crucial for goalies at this level.

Track Downs Of Zone Entries

Track downs of zone entries are also a part of elite training. Learning how to defend what is behind you rather than what is in front of you is the key here. The game is now becoming more mental than physical

Next Level Commitment

Most goalies fall away at this point because they realize the amount of work needed to be successful. This is where goalies understand that most are not capable to put in the work needed to be elite. It is where we separate the men or women from the boys or girls.

In Zone Play

In zone play changes at this level as the players realize that you can’t beat these goalies with just a shot.

Screens, Tips & Deflections

Screens, tips and deflections are now a part of the game. Elite goalies are now able to understand all of this and they learn to be extremely patient. To let the puck come to them and when it gets there to make the appropriate save selection at a very high rate of speed.

The Goal Of Elite Training

The goal of Elite training is to prepare you for playing pro. There are many levels of pro and for a goaltender, it takes longer to make it than any other position. The goalie coaches job is to gain the confidence of the goalie and to get them to understand that they have to work harder when no one is watching. All of this training is to prepare you to play pro!

Training Skills

Consistent and progressive training 90%
Look before you move 80%
Puck collection and handling 70%
Multiple reads, finding the next most dangerous player 70%
Learning the value of the mental side of the game. 80%

Skill Set

What is Elite Training
What separates my Elite training from others
How will this translate to the goaltender?
How do I know that I am getting my monies worth?
How many goalies can be expected to be on ice at a single session
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