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Learn habit forming techniques that in time you will learn to repeat over and over again. This process will give you the confidence and the ability to focus like never before. You will be able to make multiple reads and find the next most dangerous player!


Understanding the 4 points of your skate will help you with edge control. You will learn how to use your edges at the right time to maximize your efforts on the crease. We will also add footwork speed drills to keep you at the speed of the game.


We will help you separate you from your peers with advanced game tactics. Post entries and exits. Understanding the 10 scoring situations and your role in it. Also improve your puck handling skills, how and when to use them!


Now I am opening my own business of running a goalie school!

I was born  June 23rd 1960 In Truro Nova Scotia. Came to Ontario in 1970.  Graduated  Forster Secondary School in 1978. Started at the Chrysler Corporation in 1979. Following my passion for hockey I started coaching at the University of Windsor Women’s team in 1998.In 2008 I retired from My Chrysler job to pursue my career in hockey. In 2009  I attended the very first Goaltending coach program of Excellence. In 2010 won the first of 5 gold medals with the U-18, U-22 and the Senior Women’s programs. In 2012 was on staff for two World titles. In 2013 I was invited to start the development process in New Zealand. After 2 months of development, I started working with their National teams. I have also completed the Hockey Canada Level 3 coaching program. It is a great honour to have this distinction. There are only 19 of us across the nation. In 2017 realized my dream to work with the Windsor Spitfires as the goaltending coach. In 2018, I moved over the coach the Men’s U-17 program with Hockey Canada. I continue to help develop goalies in the Windsor area. Also working with A-21 prep school.  I have the great fortune to have been accepted to the NHL BIPOC Coaches Association. I have two daughters and 4 grandsons!

Many people ask me why I want to open a goalie school?

My answer is simple. I want to help goalies fulfill their dreams and help other coaches find a pathway to help their goalies do the same.  It is my way of giving back to the game I love so much. My road has not been easy. However I wouldn’t change a thing!  Nothing or no one has ever stopped me from living my dream of being the best coach I could be. Life is full of pathways. This IS my pathway. My ability to show others what they can be is what drives me so hard. I call it a gift! To be able to show others how good they can be with just a little effort and trust. That’s what really matters to me. I feel that I am the one that can help any goalie at any level reach their goals. That is what separates me from the others. Many coaches teach what they did. I am only interested in changing the habits in goalies that will enhance their games. I am a lifelong learner of the game and I feel that I understand what the game is asking of the goaltender right now! Helping the goalies see the puck longer, I feel that they can have the success they have always wanted.

If you are willing to trust me and my processes

I want to help your son or daughter. I know that you will in time agree that my motivation is in the right place. My commitment is in the right place and my dedication to your son or daughter is in the right place. Not only will your child be a better goaltender, but a better person. I will always work with a consistent set of values including respect for self and others. I have been blessed with a skill set that has been developed over many years. I have never taken a step back and I feel that the best is yet to come. No one will ever out work me to help your goaltender. That is my commitment to you! I am a dad and a grandfather and I know the value of family. I will continue to show your goalie that family matters and they would not be who they are without you!. The little things matter. “Please, thank you . being kind will always be at the fore front of who we are as a group. When people ask me what I am most proud of, I tell them simply that I did it the right way. Money has never been my motivation. I have given much more of my time freely that most of my peers and that makes me proud. I was raised very well. I didn’t have a lot of privilege but what I did have was support. I am passing on my core set of values everyday to my goalies. Everyone has bad days. I never have a bad day on the ice. My beginnings are very humble and I use that humility to be able to connect with every goaltender that allows themselves to stand in front of me a trust that I have their best interest in mind.

I wish I had a playing pedigree that I could stamp on my name.

I believe with every fiber of my being that there are other ways to pay your dues! I have paid my dues. I have paid many times over the pathway to success. I made my mistakes. I have learned my lessons over time. I am proud of what I have done in the game. I did it the right way! I never cheated the game I love nor will I.

How did I pay my dues? I am asked this question often. Here is my answer. I have had the pleasure to work with some of the very best in the business. Lyle Mast, Marco Marciano, Frantz Jean,  Dennis Sproxton, Matt Cockell, Brad Kirkwood, Joe Johnstone, Ian Clark, Janne Pekkarinen, Sera Dogramagi, Rick Wamsley, Matt Bourgeois. Many more coaches had an impact on my career. I had conversations with these great coaches and they were kind enough to share their knowledge with me. Like any good coach, I listened I absorbed the knowledge and I build my brand. There is nothing that I do on the ice that I can not explain. Now a days there are people that say “ I can learn how to be a great goalie just by watching YouTube!” My question to that is. Who is watching what you are doing? For example, I can give you a thousand videos on golf. Let me know how your game is?

The bottom line is….

I am very confident that I can help any goalie at any level. My next steps is to pass on my knowledge to coaches that are as open and as driven as I am. It means everything to me to be able to grow my brand as I feel it is and will continue to be very successful.

 My final statement is to the goalies.

Trust the process. Ask questions so that you can understand the next steps. If you are good at everything I bring you, are you really growing?  I will challenge you to be your best. All I will ever ask of you is to open your mind and try new things!

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What do our clients Says about us?

Nicholas BoltonGoaltender
Perry has helped add so much to my skillset, and because of this has brought my game to a level I never thought I could reach. The concepts he brings onto the ice are so thorough and structured, and implementing these into the way I play the game has helped me stop so many more pucks than I would have otherwise. Every single ice session I’ve had with Perry has been an opportunity to elevate my game, and capitalizing on these opportunities has helped me learn so much about goaltending.
Joanne BeneteauGoalie Parent
For the past several years my son has had the pleasure of working with Perry. He constantly works to inspire and motivate my son to compete at the highest level he can. My son always looks forward to his sessions with Perry whether it is on or off the ice. This is a direct result of the passion and dedication Perry shows to his young goaltenders. His encouragement and extensive knowledge of goaltending has helped my son improve his game and given him the drive to be the best that he can be.
Jeremy DavisGoalie Dad
‘Perry Wilson has worked with my son Connor since he was 8 years old. His care and dedication to not only his craft but my son has always been 2nd to none. Perry is always working on keeping up with the goalie world and doing his best to better his knowledge so that he can always bring the best to his goalies. Perry has not only worked with my son over the years but he’s become a friend and someone I trust. I would recommend Perry to any parent or future goaltender.
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